About Us

The Lancaster Land Trust was incorporated in 1997 by a group of citizens concerned with preserving the town’s scenic vistas and open space for outdoor recreation and wildlife habitat, and with protecting the rural character of the town.

Through purchases and conservation restrictions, the Trust works with the town and with individual landowners to protect strategic parcels of land identified in the current Lancaster Open Space and Recreation Plan.

Parcels owned by the Lancaster Land Trust, as well as private land on which the Trust holds conservation restrictions, are open and accessible to the public for passive recreation.

2021-2022 Board of Trustees

President: Robert Lidstone
Vice President: Open
Clerk:  Susan Munyon
Treasurer:  Frank Streeter

Sarah Gulliver
Robert Lidstone
Dale McMullen
David McNally
Susan Munyon
Larry Shoer
Sarah Spencer
Frank Streeter
Alexandra Turner

Contact us at:
Lancaster Land Trust
PO Box 626
Lancaster, MA 01523-0626