Ballard Hill Conservation Area
This 33.4 acre parcel has frontage on Rte. 117 on Ballard Hill where the power lines cross the road.  Parking is to the left of 2273 Main Street.  Hikers can either walk under the power lines down to land owned by the Conservation Commission or follow the cart road left of the power lines through the Trust’s land.  Both paths lead to the North Branch of the Nashua River, across from about 600 acres of protected open space.

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Ballard Hill Conservation Area Trail Network


Turner Pond Conservation Area
This 38 acre parcel was donated to the Trust by the Turner Pond/Turner Heights subdivision.  Parking is at the end of the Brian Road cul-de-sac off Kaleva Road.  A woods road runs through the property to connect the two subdivisions.  Turner Pond is a glacial kettlehole with a spruce bog at its north end. Path at Turner Pond

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Turner Pond Conservation Area

Public Access Regulations
Hiking, hunting, fishing, cross country skiing and mountain biking (but no motorized vehicles) are encouraged on both Trust properties; both are open daily from sunrise to sunset.

Tax Benefits of Open Space
Land in open space protection benefits taxpayers by curbing the town’s expenses for road maintenance and snow removal, for fire and police protection and for public school construction and staffing. And, according to the National Association of Home Builders, conservation land enhances the value and tax assessment of surrounding houses by 20%.